New Digs for an Allergy Doctor: Commercial Design

Family Allergy Clinic begins seeing patients at their new Firewheel location this coming Monday. Post- Superbowl-Day. Dr. Richard Page and I have been working together for the past few months on the “look” of this new commercial office space.  The doctor has his own design preferences and seems to enjoy the planning/selection process. I was brought in to tie it all together. The doctor was specifically looking for color help and wanted the new space to have a unified look.

The “palette” had been determined before the doctor and I had our first meeting. He had already purchased Oriental rugs for the reception area. These colors in the carpets were our reference point for decisions on paint, laminate plank flooring, granite, tile and stain.

The paint color, granite and flooring were probably the most critical choices. There is no substitute for a great color on the walls. It takes an inordinate amount of other decor to liven up dead walls.  We selected Sherwin Williams Sawdust for the common areas and a lighter version of such– SW Ramie — for the exam rooms and small offices. Sawdust was a brave move because it is a pretty deep hue. But no regrets: It has character!

All counter tops in the office are granite. Dr. Page wanted a unique material –not something salt-&-peppery-non-descript. We chose Typhoon Bordeaux. We hunted down slabs with gorgeous creamy, khaki tones in the background and lots of movement. The counter tops are art! Denise, at A Custom Granite, fabricated for us.

The floors take a beating in this large practice. Instead of the engineered hardwood that Dr. Page had installed in his McKinney clinic, we chose a laminate that looks like a handscraped hardwood. Biggest differences?  Less expensive and incredibly low maintainance. Damp mop with water!

I showed the doctor several art options for the reception area. He LOVED one piece — a very affordable huge oil painting. So my job was easy. I found other canvases with the same look/feel and had them framed.  They were installed today and have already generated many, many compliments from Move-in-Day visitors!

Some lamp tables were ordered from the internet and some were custom ordered from Resource Designs in Addison.

The plethora of choices and decisions which must be made rapid-fire in a major build-out can be overwhelming. I think Dr. Page appreciated having someone to talk through choices with. Knowing that every choice impacts every other choice, it is comforting to know that someone else is looking at the bigger picture with you,  keeping you from painting yourself into a corner.

We bought a boatload of new chairs, but are having Childress Fabrics and Furniture recover the existing chairs brought over from a prior office. Ch-ching. Savings — and in fabrics that tie our look together. 

There are still things to do. We are still waiting for a couple of orders.Things will just get better and better!

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