Flower Power: Rearrangement, Furniture & Accessories Rugs

With the intention of using the client’s existing leather furniture, Chrome Chair and antique pieces, Decorating on a Shoe String set about to transform this Great Room in a “Move That Bus” fashion!  “While You Were Out” is Decorating on a Shoe String’s rearrangement service.

The clock began ticking two weeks before a grand celebration was scheduled in this Garland home.

The Home Owner was open to replacing the area rug that had anchored the Great Room layout previously. She looked through a dozen options that I had already determined would work with her belongings. After narrowing the choices down to two favorites, we went with the rug that could be delivered before the party.The client and I  decided afterwards that this rug from “The Rug Market” had actually been our favorite all along!  The  colors are neutral and blend nicely with the existing furniture, brick and wall color. At the same time the rug pattern is young and fun — a great way to tie together the contemporary, traditional and antique.

The former Great Room rug was re-purposed for the Master Bedroom.

…and the party was lovely!

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  1. Linda Foran says:

    The diagonal angles make the big room feel cozy and inviting!

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