Paint! What a difference! Interior Painting and Remodeling

Before Builder Beige

Bland paint can suck the life out of a room. It often looks institutional. A huge quantity of art and accessories may not be sufficient to bring the room to life.

Wow. An approved paint color for a leased home! According to the management company, renters may change the paint color in their home at their own expense. Unless they use an approved neutral color they must repaint the walls to the original color, again at their own expense, when they move out. Though the Flower Mound couple expects to only be in this home for  two or three years, the cost of painting was more than offset by the effect that they knew the paint would have.  The leasing couple was not disappointed.

Sherwin Williams Favorite Tan was a great paint color choice.  The tan has a greenish cast, especially in incandescent light. The paint added flair and made the rooms feel cozy. Art and pottery for the mantle were a finishing touch.

After SW Harmonic Tan

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