ReUpholstery: Furniture Design

I advised these Plano clients that they should not reupholster for the purpose of saving money.  There were other great reasons to do so, however! Reupholstery is a great choice:

  1. When furniture has sentimental meaning. Recovering the piece will allow you to incorporate it into your current decor.
  2. When furniture is incredibly comfortable. Reupholstery will allow you to enjoy it for another 10 years!
  3. When the size, scale or design of existing furniture is just right and is not commonly seen for sale.
  4. When a room needs a specific hue or pattern to tie things together and these are not readily available in affordable, retail furniture.

This arm chair is one of a pair that we re-purposed. We considered purchasing new chairs. We did shop. It was certainly possible to buy a new pair of wing chairs for the same cost as reupholstering, but not in a color or pattern that worked nearly this well for us!

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