Teamwork: Kitchen Remodel

OK. Credit to whom credit is due. These West Plano homeowners made their own selections and contracts with subs for their kitchen remodel. Their exisitng  mouse-y granite (not all granite is beautiful) was replaced with gorgeous granite!  They chose tumbled stone with accents tiles to replace the existing tile backsplash.

The result was terrific!

My contributions?

I nagged these good natured clients into  reconfiguring the height  and  shape of the cabinet over the cooktop.

We raised the entire cabinet to change the kitchen profile. Up to this point all cabinets were the same height.

I designed a new cabinet unit using the doors from the old cabinet. This included a decorative piece under the doors to cover a new vent hood.

Beefier crown molding was added to the top of this new cabinet.

I also persuaded these clients to let us install puck lights in the glass front cabinets. This necessitated replacing the wooden shelves with glass in this cabinet. The electrician also reconfigured the over-cabinet lighting to accommodate the new varied cabinet heights.

Team work!

BEFORE Teamwork

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