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During new construction you may feel that an avalanch of questions is burying you:

Which flooring material or materials would make the most sense for your family?

Where should one material stop and the other start?

Which materials can be combined?

Would accents be worth the cost? How many accent pieces should be incorporated?

What material should be used on the risers?

What’s a riser, for Pete’s Sake?!

There will be questions that you currently have no opinion on. You may not care one way or the other, right now, but you fret that later you will care!
You will probably have questions about materials. New products are introduced every year.

In the midst of rapid decision making, many people find it helpful to get the help of someone familiar with the process and materials.  For this construction project, the client had great taste and knew the look she wanted. She was looking for help, however, with daily decisions, determining which options were congruent with the look we were after, and which options were a step in another direction. I was able to a lot of the footwork, gathering options from which the Home Owner could choose.

Travertine would have been an obvious choice for flooring in this Fairview home. We decided, however, to go with a stone-looking porcelain tile. With the household’s huge menagerie, porcelain’s durability and low maintenance were compelling. The price was a perk!

For the formal areas of the home we had 20″ tile installed on the diagonal. A diagonal 45 degree layout  almost seems to invite you into a room.

Absolute Black granite accents were cut from larger granite tiles and incorporated into the entry flooring. The accents fade out to either side as you leave the Entry.

We created interest on the staircase by scattering the same granite accents on the risers.

If you have the blessing of building a new home, it might be most satisfying to find someone who can help you through the design and construction process. This service will pay for itself as you discover many small opportunities to take your new construction up a notch without wrecking the budget!

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  1. Linda Foran says:

    The decisions are overwhelming! Expert help is a must!

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