Entry Niche: Florals & Accessories

What do you do with a 5′ x5′ art niche? Art would have been the simplest solution for this home in Fairview except for the curved back of the niche. Small pieces of art could be hung on the curved wall. But it would take so many small pieces for the space to appear occupied that the effect would be “clutter” rather than “drama”.

One of the homeowners had snapped a photo of a tropical arrangement they had seen and liked. Thanks, Greg! Tall tropical stems would provide lots of height and width. Ginny designed a tropical arrangement in the clients’ color scheme. She  ordered the stems and created the floral arrangement.

Still we needed a container that would provide additional height. Stems are only SO long. We filled in the width with porcelain vases and books.

The colors and look were chosen to tie in with the adjacent Dining Room. The floral arrangement also looked great with Great Room which was visible from the Entry.  Because of the proximity, we did not use a floral again in the Dining Room. We placed a couple of similar vases on the top of the china cabinet for some high color.  We found small containers for candles that could be scattered down the length of an extended table and could remain in place as guests dined. Art from a hallway was brought to the Dining Room. Custom drapery panels in a tight cranberry/gold scroll fabric were installed to soften the room.

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