If you have to Wait….: Commercial Design

If you have to wait…. this commercial office building in Firewheel is a nice place to do it! Oriental rugs, purchased by the doctor early in the process, determined the design palette. Several large oil paintings pick up the hues in the carpets and  are set off by the wall color selected, Sherwin Williams Sawdust.

20 new chairs in  two coordinating fabrics were purchased through Resource Designs in Addison. Upholstered furniture from the prior office was re-purposed in this new clinic. Existing leather chairs and settees, which showed little wear, were easily incorporated into the new setting. Another 24 reception and guest chairs were reupholstered in the same fabrics selected for the new chairs.

It was a challenge was to provide enough seating for the high-occupancy hours of the practice — late afternoons. This Reception Area seats 30 guests. An adjacent room offers Beanbag chairs and TV for young patients.

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2 Responses to “If you have to Wait….: Commercial Design”

  1. Milton Peek says:

    Terrific place to wait for a terrific doctor!



  2. Maureen Page says:

    Wow, looks like I can get a drink there too.

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