Isolation Ended: Kitchen Remodel

Before you embark on a kitchen remodel stop and ask, “What changes would make sense?”  You probably need to recruit another set of eyes. You’ve seen the status quo for so long that it’s hard to envision the possibilities. Everyday, homeowners across the metroplex install granite counter tops, a tumbled backsplash and new appliances. Many still have a “B Minus/C Plus” kitchen when it’s done. That’s too bad. This is the opportune time for other changes!

In this North Dallas home the stained cabinets were tired. The countertops, backsplash and appliances were dated. But possibly the most undesirable aspect of the kitchen was its claustrophobic feel and it’s disconnect with the rest of the house.

We really wanted to make several additional changes, so we had to think budgetary thoughts. We kept the cabinets, for the most part. We kept the dishwasher and microwave, which were  pretty new. We decided to replace the kitchen floor in a future phase. (Initially, the floor was the project!)

The fir downs were history. Gone. Extra demo/sheetrock/texture expense, but SO worth it. The kitchen felt bigger immediately!

Electricians installed recessed lights in the ceiling to brighten the work areas.

The upper cabinets over the peninsula were removed. This had great visual impact. Between the kitchen and the rest of the world there was one less barricade.

We added beefier crown molding to the cabinet tops and changed the upper cabinet profile. The cabinets had formerly been all the same height. Boring. We built up the cabinet over the cook top just for aesthetic purposes.

The cabinets in front of the sink were removed and we punched a hole through the wall. A person on KP at the sink now had a view of the Family Room , more specifically, the small children and big screen TV within it! For the husband, this was the most thrilling part of the whole remodel.

Paint freshened the cabinets and brightened the kitchen.

Santa Cecelia Dark granite was selected because it looked so good with the Laura Ashley Sand paint that had been used throughout the house.

New appliances were installed.

The built-in stained hutch in the Breakfast Area was painted black to make it look more like a piece of furniture.

The feel of the whole kitchen changed. Loading the dishwasher is not such drudgery when you’re keeping an eye on FOX News!

If we told you our budget for this kitchen remodel, you’d be pleasantly surprised. But we’re not going to tell you.

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4 Responses to “Isolation Ended: Kitchen Remodel”

  1. Ginny,
    You are amazing. Keep up the BEAUTIFUL work.

  2. James Shelby says:


    The article, and the work you’ve done, is great. Keep it up!

  3. Ginny, keep up the great work! You do a wonderful job and I would gladly refer you to my friends and family.

    John Scheschuk

  4. Ginny Foran says:

    Amazing job, as always :)

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