Stop the Madness!

A letter to my children:
Dear Chickies–
I wrote part of this in response to an email one of you sent. Then, while I was on a tear, I wrote some more.  It’s pretty much about you and yours.
This week I read/heard(?) that the projected debt load, counting the unfunded liabilities (promised future Social Security and Medicare –which we have not paid out yet, but are already obligated for — which they never include in debt totals) adds up to  $1.3 million dollars per household. $1.3 million of debt and obligations if we were to evenly divide up the repayment burden. (Or did they say “per person”….? Whatever.) It is hard not to feel contempt for leaders who certainly know this but continue to spend more and more money.
America has been a blessed place to live and raise families.  For this freedom and for our peaceable way of life  sweet men like Uncle Jr. and Uncle Clayton chased and were chased across Europe/Africa/the Pacific. For our safety and opportunities they witnessed friends killed and maimed. That’s a squeaky clean way to say it. They wiped the spattered blood of comrads off their faces. They held boys from their hometowns on the battlefield as they died. Fallen sons and fathers paid for our freedom and safety with their own non-replenishable blood. Mothers, children and sweethearts paid for it with grief and crippled hearts.
….Seriously??!!! And now we are going to let our country self-destruct because of out of control spending?!!!!

There are office-holders who recognized our debt peril years ago. For many reasons, however, unbounded spending has continued.There are great needs. Recipients don’t usually object. Gratitude gets office-holders re-elected. Besides, who wants to be Daisey Downer? And it feels so good to be philanthropic! I whole-heartedly believe my generation should continue to carefully select worthy causes and continue to be very generous —with the money in our own pockets.

As you know, I am a charitable person. Perhaps one of the more charitable in your personal circle. But I will give away my own resources. It is not noble, it is not grand of me to give away your money while racking up overdraft fees on your account. We would consider it a criminal act to do this sort of thing to an impersonal corporation. But to do this to our children? To the next generation?

Can we smugly continue to congratulate ourselves on our social and global largesse? We are giving away our children and grandchildren’s money. During their adulthood the payments on our national debt are projected to be higher than the sum of our entire nation’s annual production. Big spending is not big hearted of us and it is not “cheerful giving” for the debt payors down the line. Our children are not entering bankruptcy voluntarily. The generation to be hit with the bill has not had a say in any of this. Do you not think there will be tragic situations in their own lifetimes where our children and grandchildren will passionately want to help? They are being robbed of opportunities to respond to their own heart strings. Our kids and grand kids will be struggling to make interest payments on our generosity. I do not believe this will engender charity and kindness in our population. I am afraid our children will bitterly resent both the needy and the prior generation of impostor-philanthropists.
As our country approaches an unsustainable “debt servicing” point (when minimum payments of the loan interest only become impossible), I would completely despair, except for my trust in our God who is bigger than all of this. When my grandchildren are young adults will America be dictated to by foreign nations to whom we have defaulted? That is not a bright outlook. I dread the day when my grandchildren realize that the means for their generation’s exploit has been depleted. I will hate it when they discover that we, their parents and grandparents, consumed our own wealth, then gluttonously reached into the future and devoured theirs as well. And they will know… that we knew (when we wished them well and kissed them goodbye)… that we were sending them out the door with empty lunchboxes.
Anyway, the above has moved me to get involved with the bills that are coming before congress and with local and national elections. I give dollars here and there to help get good people in office. And yes, I forward you guys some emails, but I try not to send too many! I will do what I can to help slow down the spending madness.  Weird, but I feel even more protective the little grandbuddies than I remember feeling of you kids. Maybe its a memory issue. Or maybe they’re just cuter than any of you ever were. Can’t tell.
That’s all for now.
I waxed eloquent.
Mother Dear
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  1. sarandy says:

    really, that’s the representative family picture? i know where i stand.

  2. SARANDY says:

    venician paints, upholstery and politics clearly don’t mix. You may redecorate my Tea Room anyday!

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