Solar Shutters: Window Treatments

Yesterday I went to a Norman Shutter training event in Lewisville.

Watch the attached video above to see a

Remote Controled

Solar Recharging

Battery Operated Motorized Shutter


This seems like the perfect application for high, inconvenient or plentiful windows:

  • When you wish to control the amount of light coming in –in this case the opening and closing of slats, and
  • When the window gets a minimum amount of sunlight in order to power the solar panel.

Uh. This seems like a no-brainer. Like a boat powered by water. The manufacturer states that three hours of sunlight will provide enough charge to operate a shutter panel for two* months.  (*Not when used continuously. If you sit on the sofa and play with the remote the three hour charge will disipate more quickly.)


Lithium is the battery of choice anytime motorization is powered by battery. This is because Lithium is able to withstand heat better than the alkaline version, allowing the battery to hold its charge.  Lithium batteries (rechargeable!) make even more sense when the recharge is so easy! They recharge in place. And a place that has lots free solar power.

And, yes, Decorating on a Shoe String is a dealer for Shutters, Blinds , Woven Wood Shades, Roman Shades, Solar Shades –all of which CAN BE motorized . Contact us for advice on product selection and to make your purchase.

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