Carpentry Tweaks: Remodeling & Interior Design











Before we painted the walls and much of the woodwork in this Plano Living Room we had Lenny Bean, our favorite carpenter, add a decorative header to the  Entry doorway. Lenny also constructed a crown-molding-style cornice  and added trim to the windows in preparation for custom window treatments. Good job, Lenny!

BEFORE cornice window trim carpentry & paint

AFTER carpentry window cornice, trim & paint

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2 Responses to “Carpentry Tweaks: Remodeling & Interior Design”

  1. Linda Foran says:

    I love the painted woodwork. It brightens everything and gives the room a fresh and modern look!

  2. sarandy says:

    i love the improved piano room. angles, angles, angles. is the ottoman (sp) new to the house or is it pulled from a separate room? good work md!

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