Office Space: Commercial Design

Davis & Associates, a Dallas immigration law firm, asked me to advise and assist as they moved into a larger reception area.

Based on some very cool art the firm already owned, a color that Counselor Anna loved and  a Shoe String budget,  we came up with a classy, welcoming look that could be implemented quickly.

Not just the reception area, but the entire office was painted Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay, a great backdrop for the vibrant ethnic artwork.

The women of the office selected art that represented  nationalities of many of the clients they serve. This art was ordered, framed, off the internet –as was some very affordable leather seating.

Awards that the practice has received were framed and arranged in a grouping. A lamp and lamp table were added…And Ta-dah!

The reception area has been expanded again in the three months since we finished this project. This speaks well of the firm.! To learn more about Davis & Associates visit

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