Painting: Remodeling & Interior Design

BEFORE painting woodwork, ceiling, walls

AFTER painting woodwork, ceiling & walls

Before you paint, it might be worth and interior decorator’s advice on what to paint. And which color to paint. And which (new?) paint product might be most suitable. This project began as we considered removing/replacing the wallpaper inside the picture frame molding in this Plano home….

The stained woodwork in this Living Room initially felt cozy. Years later it felt heavy. And Dark. The Plano Home Owners had serious regrets about the ceiling height they had selected for this living area in their custom home.

We primed and painted much of the woodwork light and bright, Sherwin Williams White Flour Semi Gloss Water Based Enamel. This was a green choice, and perhaps just as important, a less smelly choice. I showed the Home Owners many photos of Stained vs Painted trim, because I really wanted them to be certain that they wanted this. Painting Stained woodwork cannot be easily reversed! Men, in general, have objections to painting anything that is stained wood. It has something to do with nature or ruggedness or he-manly-ness or testosterone. This male homeowner bought into the change.

And then, Voila! Doesn’t the AFTER photo make you feel like you took off your sun vizor? Like there is not a muffler around your neck? Lighter and brighter. More altitude. More affordable than coffering the ceiling.


Residential Painting

picture frame molding painted same as walls

only did we determine that the panels inside the picture frame molding should be painted to match the walls, but we agreed to paint the molding itself. The Bedroom photo below is a showroom at Robb and Stuckey where this same technique was employed. The room feels more serene, less choppy, less “parlor-ish”.

We could visually “afford” to paint the ceiling to match the walls now that the room was lighter and brighter. This also made the painted crown much more dramatic.

Paint is cheap decorating “they” say. Consider using some of the savings for an interior decorating consultation so that you can have similar strategic results!

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