Big Boy Make Over! Accessories & Furniture

A three year old had turned four and his bedroom was ready for a make-over.  A few weeks earlier the bedroom had been repainted with Sherwin Williams 6240 Windy Blue. this color is a great backdrop for denims, blues, reds and black.

Mom had already gotten the ball rolling! She had found bedroom furniture she liked. We conferred over which bunk configuration would work best and on which wall it should be assembled. She had also found and ordered self-stick roadway decals for the walls.

After the furniture arrived, we were called in to put the room together. Jordan’s toys, books and memorabilia were used as accessories, as were additional purchases and freebies we had collected from O’Reilly Auto Parts , Toys R Us and Party City. The decal roadways became the means of tying together this collection of automotive parts and pieces.

Our workroom shortened the panels to the window sill, added black-out liner and incorporated checkered-flag headers.

Jordan loved his new room. More(???) importantly, his mom did too!


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