Collections as Art: Accessories

Last year an SMU dorm. This year an apartment .

One of the homeys, whom we shall henceforth refer to as Undeclared, drove across the country in a small and fuel efficient car toting one passenger, an accordian, a ukelele, a guitar, a record player, a record collection as well as other necessities. Upon arrival, Undeclared hung a picture of Elvis (in one of his finer/thinner moments) over the flat screen.  This inspired another roommate,  King, to paint into the night, recreating Ray Charles on canvas with acrylics (WOW!). Furniture, rugs, kitchenware and other household effects provided by King and another homey, Business School.

For the record jackets to double as art? Michael’s carried Album-size frames for $10. There would not be an easy way, however, to access the vinyls once they were framed. Briefly we searched for long shelves. Then, an epiphany! At Lowe’s we bought three 8′ strips of primed crown molding.  It took  a couple of hours and the cooperation of three people to tack these strips of molding to the wall. (Note to self: Buy thinner, longer nails.) These new “ledges” would not need to bear much weight. The greatest challenge was hanging them parallel and level.

The albums were propped on the edge of the ledge and leaned against the wall. A loop of duct tape (always handy) was added behind each album cover as an extra precaution, should someone slam a door or the Earth rotate on its axis.

Ikea was the source of a tall, groovy floor lantern, plates of Swedish meatballs, a $19 duvet set and various pieces of fine art featuring Manhattan, the home town of Undeclared.

Business School, King and Undeclared were satisfied with the look. I declared myself “Favorite (local)Aunt” and we had a party. If you were not invited, Sorry. There will  be another opportunity.


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5 Responses to “Collections as Art: Accessories”

  1. someone sort out my life (and my closet)! says:

    wow Ginny! This is pretty impressive. What a nifty idea to have a Dr. Pepper flower arrangement.

    You never cease to amaze!

  2. Rene Foran says:

    So Awesome!!! the undeclared nephew has never had finer digs – I am totally impressed and you ought to stay on the Favorite Aunt list for a long, long time. In fact give him my love from a lesser but adoring auntie.

  3. business school's mommy says:

    You definitely put the creative flair to the apartment. It is awesome. Thanks for helping the boy’s with this next step. I know they are so proud of it too. They get lots of compliments.

  4. Morgan says:

    Ginny, Love the idea of the Record collection on the wall! Their apartment looks better than my house!!!

  5. admin says:

    Excuse me? “Aunt” Ginny to you! xox

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