Lighter & Darker: Window Treatments


A Heritage Ranch couple was just finishing up some major DIY redecorating. They had gone for a whole new look, which included installing hardwood floors, custom cabinetry, painting and purchasing new rugs and furniture. They had done a terrific job!

For the next phase — window treatments — Decorating on a Shoe Sting was called in at the recommendation of some of their Fairview neighbors.

The first objective was to add color and make the rooms feel more cozy. Window treatments almost always do that! The curtains indeed “finished” these rooms.

But in addition to the aestheic improvement, the curtains achieved some practical benefits.We made the curtain panels functional. in other words, they open and close, they don’t just hang there looking pretty! The curtains could now provide light control and privacy. This allowed us to remove the 2′ white blinds from these windows. With the curtains open, the beautiful view outside is unobstructed. This also permits more light to come in — which is nice when quilting. The wife is happy! This should make the husband happy!

We had the drapes constructed with black-out lining.  So, when the curtains are closed, the room becomes much darker than it had been with blinds. This eliminates glare and enhances daytime TV viewing.  The husband is happy! The wife is relieved that the husband is happy!

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