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Before unpacking the moving boxes, this client enlisted the help of Decorating on a Shoe String. To market her previous home in Twin Creeks, stagers had been hired. They had done a super job. The staging results were SO GOOD that the home owner decided she would have her next home staged as soon as she moved in!

The wall color was not gross. The walls were not dirty. But the wall color contributed zero. So we picked groovy paint colors, some more neutral than others, and had the whole house painted. The Guest room here was painted Sherwin-Williams Swimming. Happy.


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We scheduled two days for a whole house rearrangement (a.k.a. While You Were Out). Prior to this eagerly anticipated event the client unpacked her moving boxes. She left most decorative items sitting out, stacked on tables or countertops. The homeowner clearly communicated that our objective was not to place every decorative item she had accumulated. We were to sort and sift. We were to use only the things that took each room in a good direction. The client felt that much of the art she had brought with her from her former home seemed tired. She commissioned us to collect some “fresh” art which could be incorporated with her existing furniture and bedding. We showed up  with 20 pieces of very affordable art. We installed 17 canvasses. The home owner loved the 17 canvasses. Voila! In our hunting and gathering we came across two different Target shower curtains that looked great with the new Guestroom bedding. We sewed the shower curtains together to achieve our desired length and because we liked the color combo .  The home owner now says that this “bohemian” Guestroom is now her favorite room. Mine too….. But alas, a niece has claimed it already!

A reminder: Somebody needs to go buy some funky pottery for the top of the armoire.


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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors :)

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