Kitchen Cosmetics: Kitchen Remodel



Happy surprise! A nice tray ceiling was underneath the florescent plexiglass panels. Bye-bye Plexiglass!

The fir downs over the cabinets were also eliminated.

The cabinets, well-built but tired, needed both functional and cosmetic tweaks:  The top row of pantry cabinets became usable when Austin Remodeling brought them out flush with the lower cabinets; A wall cabinet of the same depth was added over the refrigerator; The island trash compactor was replaced with a trash/ recycling drawer; An additional stack of drawers was added which also lengthened the island; A refrigerator panel was added; Beefy crown was installed on the cabinets. Lighting was installed in the glass front cabinets; The cabinet over the cook top was built up to give the cabinets a more interesting profile; Absolute Painting removed some dated strips of molding from every cabinet door before painting the cabinets inside and out and then glazing them; The island was painted SW Dried Thyme; Knobs and handles were replaced. Worn drawer guides are being replaced. Wow. Like new. Better than new! And ch-ching…at less cost.

This week? New flooring!

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