Move-In Arrangement: Rearrangement



New homeowners in Allen had finished unpacking and set up housekeeping. They had accomplished an amazing amount the first four weeks in their new home but had run up against a hard time-and-health deadline. Decorating on a Shoe String was contacted to finish up. We were to hang art/certificates in the Study and arrange existing decor on kitchen cabinet tops.


We used the client’s china collections as decor in the Kitchen and Breakfast Area.


We combined awards, ocean art  and other  memorabilia to create a mini-museum of her husband’s interests and career in the Study. We had an installer with a tall ladder show up to do some of the acrobatics. The client and her husband(!) were so pleased with the Kitchen and Study  that she had us return to tweak their furniture arrangments.

The rearrangement was a hit! It was more than a tweak. We had hired guys from one of our favorite local delivery companies to show up and move the big stuff.

The homeowner commented that what pleased her the most about the rearrangement was where and how we used her furniture and accessories–in places and ways that she could have never imagined! I think we all get tired of eating our own cooking.  It’s fun to see what someone else can do with the ingredients in our pantry!

We are scheduled to return again to rearrange the last couple of rooms and create a family photo gallery. Maybe after that we will help re-purpose some window treatments….

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