Handscraped Hickory

How about a pretty quick way to get a pretty  wood floor! These Plano clients wanted a warmer, more unified, more updated floor. Earlier they had installed new tile in the Bathrooms and Laundry. We left carpet in three Bedrooms and installed hardwood everywhere else. Bella Cera’s American Hickory Rustic Sienna Hand Scraped 5″ planks were selected.

Each plank of engineered wood is real(!) wood. Layers of wood are assembled in alternating directions on each plank to improve stability. The planks are then “prefinished”. The brand  of engineered wood we purchased from Allen Prosource was hand scraped,  stained and impregnated (yes) with multiple coats of polyurethane –more protective layers than most nail down floors have.

The messiest part of the job was taking up the old tile. The unknown part of the job was the floating. Long planks of wood are much less forgiving of dips and bumps in the sub floor  than carpet and 12″ tile are.  You never know just how level (or not) your slab is until the existing flooring is demo’d. After the demo the floor is inspected and floated as necessary. The charge for leveling is determined by the number of bags of cement needed to create a level surface.


Sometimes engineered wood is butted up to existing baseboards. In these cases, trim purchased from the plank manufacturer or quarter round stained by the flooring crew is installed next to the baseboard.  We chose to remove the existing baseboards, installing our wood up against the sheetrock. We reinstalled some of the exisitng baseboard  and also purchased some new.


Word of advice? Get a dust mop.

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