Curtains for Tall Windows — Not available by catalogue
















Window Treatment Challenges.

Curtains for High windows.

Do TX homebuilders have any idea what  challenges they are setting us up for  with the giant windows they install? If you have not yet gone on a quest for window treatments, let me save you some time: There are not many curtains for windows over 9 feet tall!


Curtain Fabric Selection.

For custom curtains of the magnitude in this Allen home, the client and I started by looking for fabric which cost less than $1 million a yard. We found it on Midway at Fabric Yard. Affordable. After much discussion and consideration…the fullness of the curtains was finally determined by the amount of fabric available. These panels were constructed with a fullness of one width each ( 48″ flat, before pleating), which — confirmed at installation — we were very happy with!


Curtains’ Function and Form.

The husband was hoping for something that would attenuate the noise ( 5 little boys!). The wife had more decorative aspirations: An antidote for “cavernous”. I think both spouses are happy with the curtains! The husband may still need a noise cancellation headset.



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