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An email from a client:

Hi Ginny!!!
It's your crazy friend looking for something more to do.
I would LOVE to get my family photo wall up by Turkey Day.
My sis (maybe both) will be here to share the holiday. This
hasn't happened in more than 13 years. So sad, but true....
How can I get this project going?
Is there anyway you would have a piece of time to carve
into your schedule to help me arrange?
Do you start with frames and fit photos to frames?
Or vice versa?
This would be a miracle for me to accomplish.  As you can
see by my staggered kid pics in the hallway, I have a lot
to learn....
(used without permission) 
My response: 
Oh, ____________. You are not my crazy friend! And I
know crazy.....!!
Yes, I'll help you! Before TG!
The first thing we need to do is set a date for our "hanging".
That puts the pressure on you to do the next steps!
How about a late morning?
Go to Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ross, etc.,
and buy many assorted but congruent sizes and textures of
frames. ( Or pay me $100 to purchase and also return the
leftovers. You can pick the frames up from me to do the next
Go home and go through your currently framed photos.
Switch out whichever ones seem dorky (the frames, not the
family members).
Frame other photos you love, hopefully representing each
side of the family proportionately. Careful here.
If you are short a few frames, go back and buy those sizes
specifically (or delete those family members from the
family tree!).
Consider including other items also: Kids' art,
certificates, invitations....
I will then come over and arrange your collage.
__(Loving Husband)_  can hang these on the wall later,
if he is game. Otherwise you and I will hang the
collection of family photos while we drink chai coffee.
(I'll bring my tools and fasteners.)
The charge for this entertainment and decorating service
is $110 an hour.
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