Granite Selection

When the Fairview homeowners decided it was time to upgrade their kitchen they called me….since we already shared a delightful history in paint, furniture, curtains, art and accessories!

Where to start? Granite.

We knew already that we did not want the countertops to be too dark. We also wanted something with “character”…possibly rustic. Hey, this is Heritage Ranch.

We thought we knew what we wanted (per a magazine photo and a small granite sample): A beautiful flan colored Santa Cecilia Dark. A purchase this large, however, warranted further exploration.

While small speckly granite formations are more predictable and also less expensive, larger chunky formations are often more dramatic. We went to the granite showrooms seeking large patterns that can’t be found on small samples.

Golden Exotica Granite

The granite we selected for our countertops had to look good with three things, all three things:

(1) The tile floor in the kitchen. The client did not intend to change the existing flooring. We took a piece of tile with us to the granite showroom. See below left. This slab picked up the taupe-y/grayish tones in the tile.

(2) The wall paint. The walls in all of the common areas of the house are Sherwin Williams 6122 Camelback. We took a large paint sample to the showroom.

(3) The faux stone that Laura Buchanan of Nob Hill Painting had created on the sheetrock side of the island several years prior. See below right.












We selected some slabs of Golden Exotica granite that we had found at IMC. Because the coloration on different portions of our slabs can was so varied, we took the granite fabricator up on her invitation. Denise, of A Custom Granite, invited us to come to her shop to work with her in determining how to lay out the countertops. I have a great video of our participation, but it’s submerged in some folder. If I come across it I’ll post a sequel–


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  1. lorraine says:

    Oh, Ginny. We loved the granite you installed. There were so many options out there. Thank you for helping us find the best value — and the prettiest countertop! You answered all our questions. I had not expected the process to be so fun!

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