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This far North Dallas home is being gradually personalized. It was a great spec house in a great location and a great neighborhood, with a great floor plan and a great yard. And it was available quickly without a lot of custom build angst. The downside of such a deal was that some design elements seemed more suited to someone else’s house–

This year Lighting is part of the personalization. Some people like curley fries and some people like sushi. Not a right or wrong, just a preference.

Decorating-wise: Four (?) years ago we made the funky Roman Shade over the breakfast window. Three (?) years ago we (an editorial “we” — actually father-in-law wielded the brush) painted the K table.  That year we also ordered sturdy chairs with comfortable seats. One day we (actually, Mary, Linda and I) painted the off-white wall medallion while we were onsite doing other beautiful things.




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