Paint: One Powerful Ingredient


Make the Ho-Hum go away.

Paint What?

Fairview home owners hired Decorating on a Shoe String to add some “punch” to their still rather new home. The first and second remarks made upon first entering this house  (besides, “Glad to meet you” & “We’re here to serve–“) were,”There is too much white woodwork in this FR. Gorgeous hefty woodwork, but too white–” and,  “We need to do something about these windows.” Neither of these items  was a felt need at the time, so we got started with the felt needs.



Because it was important to both the husband and wife that we reuse and recycle their existing furniture and accessories we scheduled our “While You Were Out” rearrangement.


Before Rearrangement

Before Rearrangement













The rug was angled and the sofa was moved farther away from the fireplace. A Game Room chair was imported to add highly desired seating by the windows.

The result of  our first day of rearrangement was that the husband (an arty sort of guy)  “got on board”. He became so enthused about the immediate impact  of the rearrangement that he propelled us several steps farther down the beautification and remodel road!


After Furniture Rearrangement


Art and Accessories added and Shelves Removed











Art & Accessories.

We removed the shelves from the built-ins which gave us room to display bigger, bolder objects.  Fewer bigger things are almost always better than lots of little things.

We replaced the painted leather tapestry over the fireplace with something edgier and bolder. (Reuse/Recycle? The tapestry was framed and now looks great in the LR– stay tuned.)


Paint: the Knock-out Punch.

Our confidence level was up now, so we were finally ready to address the amount of white woodwork in the FR. We addressed a prominent part of the white woodwork with black paint.

After Mantle paint,  niche lighting,art, pottery, curtains, interior decorating, design, Fairview

rearrangement, While You Were Out, paint, interior decorating, design, Fairview










Baby Can lights in the art niches bring the wall to life.


Custom Window Treatments.

Inertia. An object in motion tends to remain in motion. While we were on our roll, we added groovy curtains at the windows, building on our black & cream theme.

Retail pillows are almost always cheaper than custom pillows. But alas. No one had invented the pillows we needed yet. When we found a cozy houndstooth and a weave that resembled the motif in the area rug we had pillows custom made.








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  1. Bethany says:

    Wow!!! Our family room was swimming in toys and clutter and what a difference your expertise made! With a low budget, rearranging and adding Ikea shelving, the room has been absolutely transformed! Every day we love it more and more. Our kiddos have such fun in their new play area and our whole sitting area has a much more restful feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Now on to the office and dining room!

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