Upholstery Disguise



The ottoman was actually an almost-twin-size roll-away bed with a nice cover. The guest bed, actually used(!), would stay, but we were going for a more elegant look. Doing a little(?) updating.

The sofa would be replaced. It was old, not very worn, but uncomfortable. The rug, which was very loved–and beautiful, would stay. We had already selected a curtain replacement  fabric. That was another non-negotiable element.















This groovy fabric was found at Childress Fabrics in Addison. It looked great with the rug and the fabric of the new curtains. The stripe fabric to the  left above was used for the cording. The fabric to the far left above was considered for a contrast boxing or top. Considered  by me but rejected. It coordinated beautifully with the other fabrics, but the ottoman got too choppy. And less elegant. We would be going the wrong direction.

Asher’s Interiors did a beautiful job on the slipcover upholstery. The originally-envisioned self-knotted cording was nixed because I wanted both rows of  cording to “stick out” the same amount. Both rows of cording would look better inserted in seams.

Lovely! Wouldn’t you agree??




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