Bath Remodel

Bath Remodel

Spacial Illusion

True to the vintage of this Plano home, the Master Bath is relatively small. We considered knocking out walls between the bath, shower, potty and closets to reconfigure. In this case, however, there was nothing to be gained:  2+3 still equalled 5.  The Master Bath is still the size today it that it was before the renovations — but it FEELS much more spacious!

















Spacial Changes

The changes that made the biggest perceived difference? An enclosed shower was opened and the front wall was replaced with glass. The fir downs over the vanity and potty were removed.













The bottom step of the  cultured marble tub was removed. The floor tile was laid on the diagonal. There is less contrast between the walls, tile and cabinets. The Potty doors were replaced with a pocket door.














Besides feeling more spacious, it is beautiful! What do you think?


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