Color Punch













Update and Build-out.

Blah walls. And more blah walls. This busy Dallas orthodontic practice was ready to brighten things up. The practice was also acquiring adjacent square footage, which necessitated build-out, but a full blown remodel was not practical.



Since paint and art are elements that create great impact for a relatively small cost…. we started with three dozen pieces of affordable, playful, contemporary art. Abstract contemporary art seemed to be a genre that would work for both the elementary, teen and adult demographics.  The art was selected to be installed individually or in groupings on strategic walls.


Paint – Accent Walls

A happy(!) intense accent paint color was  chosen to go with each piece or collection of art, with great attention also being given to the juxtaposition (good SAT word!) of  accent colors. Yes, this was rocket science! Of sorts.















The balance ( and majority) of walls in this orthodontic practice were painted a putty color that had recently been introduced in a reconfigured reception area.











Wowee!  What a difference this made in the employees’ workspaces and for the  patients’ in their treatment areas!

We were all quite pleased!

We threw a party!!










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