The color palette — our springboard.


Resource specialist and  implementer needed.

The Westlake Home Owner had great ideas about what she wanted. She had a fabulous sense of fashion and style. She was not looking for a “designer” per se, but rather for a resource specialist and facilitator. In other words, what she really needed was someone with fabric vendors, workrooms and installers. Decorating on a Shoe String. Her plate was full with the  home design and construction process (plus parenting!) but window treatments, bedding and upholstery were needed soon.


Fabric  window treatments.

There were to be no hard window treatments in this home. Privacy and light control would be accomplished by architecture or custom fabric treatments. The homeowners preferred the look of fabric window treatments (over other products) when the treatments were closed. They also felt that fabric window treatments offered the most unobstructed/best view when they were open. For urgent privacy and light control reasons, the goal was to have window treatments up in certain rooms immediately upon moving in.


Client input from a magazine photo.

The first time we met the Home Owner gave me a magazine page showing colors she wanted in her new home. These were neutrals with minimal gold undertones. The subtle variation of colors was soft, elegant, and would provide a beautiful backdrop for their art, furniture and collectables.


Dallas Design Center treasure hunt.

We met at the Dallas Design Center the next week. We combed through the Kravet showroom, and without specific widow/bedding/upholstery “destinations” in mind, we collected fabrics in our palette. After seeing the textures and finishes my client was drawn to, I picked up additional samples at other showrooms later in the day.


Palette in a bag.

From the collection of fabric  samples we noticed some interesting combinations. We worked our way through the house room by room: Curtains; Shades; Bedding; and upholstery. We never searched for fabric again. Our bag of samples became our home shopping network.






























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