Extending Hardwood

…. of what they already loved!

Extending nail down hardwood flooring.

Beautiful nail-down hardwood floors in the Entry, DR and hallway had been selling features of this Twin Creeks home. A few years down the road, now, the homeowners felt they had gotten their money’s worth out of the builder-installed-carpet in the  adjoining Family and Music Rooms. With three little kids it had taken a beating. Instead of replacing it with new carpet, however, the home owners decided to extend their hardwoods into these rooms. Replacing the carpet with hardwood also seemed a smart thing to do with one pre-asthmatic child.

FR carpet prior


In process


In process


Dustless installation.

To violate the fewest lungs, this Allen family scheduled the dustiest part of the flooring work to be done while they were Spring-Breaking. They took their dust abatement one notch higher by opting for our dustless sanders. Dust- LESS, not dust zero. This system vacuums up the dust as fast as the sander does its job.


New hardwood and old hardwood meet.

The new planks were laced into the adjoining wood floors. To insure there would be no stop/start line between the new and old, the homeowners requested that when the new wood floors were hand scraped, sanded, stained and polyurethaned, the same be done to the existing wood floors.













Area Rugs subsequently.

This week the the homeowner shopped for area rugs for the FR and music/play room. Yes, when you install hardwood floors you then cover part of them up with  area rugs. Most men don’t get this but smart men go along!


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