Solar Shades



Solar shades for a sunny exposure.

Delete the glare.  Stop squinting. Lower your AC bills. Help prevent skin cancer. Keep the view.  Install solar shades!!!!












Family HealthCare Associates of Garland has moved to 2380 Firewheel Parkway. Dr. Mike Maxwell, whose practice has relocated, was hands-on involved in the design and build-out of the new office space. Decorating on a Shoe String  entered this commercial picture by providing solar shades for a lengthy glass wall with a westerly exposure.

What a difference the shades make! Without the shades the sun is almost blinding by early afternoon and the office heats up significantly.


Solar shades manufactured locally.

The solar shades we installed in this new Family HealthCare facility were manufactured and installed by Texton, another Garland company.


Solar screen selection.

We chose a solar screen fabric which only allows 5% of light to pass through. There is still a pretty amazing view, yes, even with 95% coverage?!!

A bronze screen fabric was selected.  The “view through” is better with dark shades than with light shades.












Notice the light and shadows where two shades next to each other are positioned at different heights.

Welcome to Firewheel, Family HealthCare Associates! We know you have good neighbors!


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