Rearranging existing furnishings.

What to buy for the grand entry? Maybe nothing. Maybe we use what the Allen client already owns.

Maybe we hire piano movers and move the baby grand piano 12 feet into the entry hall. (It will sound better on hardwood also!)

Give it a try. Hire a mover if your back is over 35–

On paper the idea is questionable.  In fact, seriously doubtful to those who are better with numbers. Optimistic WE are not absolutely certain that moving the piano to the entry will not obstruct traffic and look squished…. Sometimes, however, you just have to move the furniture and look at it. Yes, this is prehistoric. No, it is not cad. But it is often so worth trying, sez WE!









Conclusion: There is no one other object that would look nearly as good in this Twin Creeks Entry Hall as the clients’ own piano! Certainly ,no one object that could be purchased for the price of movers’ and decorators’ fees!

Rearrangement ingredients:

Beautiful piano, square footage, three patient men with brute strength, taking orders — with patience and finesse — from two picky women. Yes! One inch, rotated this way or that — and then torqued slightly that way or this — does make a difference! And there were several important angles to consider….

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