Shuttered Windows


















With a structured,tailored look, Shutters provide light and heat control.

Privacy was not really an issue. These windows looked downhill onto a golf course. The elements that did need to be addressed were light, heat and aesthetics.  For a few hours each day the light and heat coming through these windows made the room an unpleasant place to be.

4.5″ Plantation Shutter louvers.

For this Frisco home we chose Plantation Shutters with  4.5″ louvers. These larger louvers allow the maximum view through. The price for 4.5″ louvers is the same as for the more customary 3.5″. How can that be? Fewer slats are needed!

Window frame.

The “self-framing” feature of shutters added structure to the room and a very tailored finish to the windows.

I’m thinking the mantle might need to be painted black now….

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