The Ubiquitous blind? Window Treatment Opions

2″ White Blinds – the Status Quo

I am not against blinds. I sell them, and there are situations where they are the product of choice to best address homeowners’ concerns. Most likely you have some. Perhaps you should take some of yours down?

Blinds are part of the  finish-out package that many home builders offer their buyers. And why not? If you don’t know what you want to do, installing blinds in every window of the house takes care of some immediate issues: the need for privacy and heat/light control.

Functionality of 2″ blinds.

In their defense, blinds are one of the least expensive and all-round-adequate options: They can be completely closed; The slats can be tilted open slightly to allow more light in the room — while maintaining privacy and/or heat control; The slats can be opened completely for more light and an OK view. You CAN raise the blinds to the top  for an unobstructed view, but most peopled don’t. They are heavy. You may not love the “stack” at the top.

But blinds don’t tend to make a room feel more warm or inviting. Their “feel” is rather sterile and institutional. There are blind installations that are significantly cozier, but that is another blog.

IF you can take the time to think about your windows — even while you are in the process of building — there may be other window products that would not only function well, but look good.

Consider options other than blinds.

Blinds in this custom Fairview home met the functional criteria and were within the budget when the year the house was built. I think I may have sold these very homeowners these very blinds. But once there was discretionary time to THINK about the windows and discretionary money to put into the decor, it was time for the blinds to come down.

Right outside these windows is a beautiful pool that is GORGEOUSLY(!) landscaped — one of the most beautiful and unique that I have seen! The pool view through the blinds was OK. Hazy? We hiked the blinds up to the top  of the windows for illustrative purposes and I don’t think they ever came down again! The view was significantly better.

Functional Drapery Panels.

So to optimize the investment of the pool (or in your case, the lot on a green belt or golf course? Or the sweat equity/ financial investment in landscaping?) we took the blinds down. We installed functional curtains:  When privacy or heat/light control are needed , the curtains are pulled closed with batons as in a hotel; When not? The curtains are flung open to fully appreciate the view! I consider the three big windows three beautiful pieces of art. This view is prettier than any art we could purchase!!!

The curtains themselves are beautiful too, opened or closed. These are secondary benefits, however. Not just my opinion. The homeowners feel the same way.


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