Lighting Update

Remodel: Lighting Update.

Yes, I gave it a spin…! The lighting in this home needed updating. The owner of this Addison vacation home was aiming for a playful look. The lighting project was offloaded to Decorating on a Shoe String.

Lighting Vendor.

We ordered this fun lighting fixture from Lamps Plus. It added the whimsey we were looking for. Though the price was good, we soon discovered that the light needed LOTS of assembly. LOTS. Thankfully, our electricians did the assembly.  They also went into the attic and braced the ceiling to support the fixture’s 26 pounds.

Lighting Effects.

Lighting can make a room come alive. Often a little lighting will achieve what no other  decor can do. The homeowner did not “see the light” until after it was installed……(Suspense!)……. She was thrilled. The dramatic shadows created by the new fixture were a happy surprise and changed the feel of the Dining Room!

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