Game Room Remodel

“Enough togetherness!” people (parents?) are saying today.  :-) We keep re-learning that  limitations of duration and/or degree can make time spent together more enjoyable! Segueing now from a holiday conclusion to a structural issue: Divide and Conquer!

Remodel- Reconfigure

Game Room Remodel

An open Game Room in this west Plano home had served its purpose. Its functionality had changed as the kids had gotten older. At the recommendation of a friend (who had employed us for a similar remodel), the home owners asked Decorating on a Shoe String to enclose this gaping “No man’s land”.
























 Remodel Progression

Form follows function. ( Not an original thought.) The area over the bannister was framed in. Soundproof sheetrock and additional insulation were incorporated in the room. A modified solid exterior door was installed at the entrance. With noise abatement and privacy options, the room took on a new identity! The new question becomes,” Why didn’t we do this sooner?!”










Voila! One of my favorite words.

In reality it was money plus construction commotion, along with a little magic!


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