Budget Makeover

First Apartment

…Well, at  least the first paid for with his own salary. This would happen to be my favorite nephew in Tejas.

The apartment had good bones?…Or more specifically, a great window and a greater number  than necessary square feet.

This would be a budget makeover. We were cost conscious.

It doesn’t take MUCH: But it does take SOME money, a weekend, a vehicle for hauling things around, repeat visits to certain stores, at least two sets of hands (a third set helped when assembling Ikea marvels )… and it helps if you add fun people and lots of laughs.

There was not enough to work with to call it a rearrangement. Maybe it was even more of a “Make” than a “Makeover”.

Our sources of inexpensive decor? Within the budget– Ikea (faux dog and other), HomeGoods, World Market, Tuesday Morning, Guitar Center….

Befores and Afters say it well:















accessories, furniture, color, budget, decorating, art

























accessories, furniture, color, budget, decorating, art




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  1. Rene Foran says:

    Awesome decorating for Tay´s apartment, Ginny. You are so good. Love it!

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