Updated Look & Function

Updated Look & Feel


Despite having both Media and Game rooms, the children of this far North Dallas home prefer to hang out with their parents in the Great room.  Is it because of the extra comfortable seating?  Maybe.  Is it because they enjoy their parents’ sparkling wit and wisdom?  Perhaps.  For me, personally, it would be because of the proximity to the kitchen.

Regardless of the reason, seven years of constant use has taken its toll on this cozy family hangout.  The homeowner was ready to update the look of the Great room, moving from transitional to contemporary with more clean lines. It was a mandate that any new furniture be comfortable and that each family member have a “spot”.

In pursuit of “clean lines” for our updated look, curtains were removed, letting in beautiful natural light.  Wood trim was installed around the sheet rocked window openings, adding a strong architectural element .

Though we were incorporating  a “new” look, the new Great Room needed to flow with the existing kitchen, breakfast and common areas.  Many fun fresh touches had been added to these rooms over the years, but basically they were of the same genre as the previous Great Room.

Before picture of Great room



Updated Great Room



To achieve our new look? We scrapped it all. Okay, not all. The upholstered pieces were the items showing wear. We kept the coffee table, a sofa table and a lamp table. Swivel recliners were the solution for having both a conversational arrangement and a TV viewing option in this large, but oddly shaped room.  The Bassett sectional gave us the additional seating we needed.  A table and chairs by the window provide a perch for playing games or doing paperwork. We anchored our furniture grouping with a large, natural fiber, ethnic style rug, also from Bassett. Not a bonus, but a requirement? This sea grass rug is soft enough to plop down on! In addition to the rug, a potpourri of accent pillows added pattern and interest to our solid upholstery.

In addition to recessed lighting we added floor and table lamps — the Lamps Plus arched floor lamp providing great task lighting over the sectional.  Old accessories were pared down and new accessories were purchased to pull it all together.

Surprisingly, we found that painting the back of the bookshelves in one of our accent colors, Sherman Williams Grand Canal,  had an disproportionately pleasing visual impact.


Bookshelves Before


Freshened Family room after 1


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