Art Studio

Every child is an artist.  

The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

-Pablo Picasso

child art studio1


In the community of North Dallas dwells a mom so efficient, organized, and family focused, she could strike fear into hearts of other moms.  As her children grow, she has adapted her home to fit her family’s needs.  So, when the youngest requested her very own art desk — in close proximity to the family hub — the hunt for extra space began.  The location chosen was a small space in a closet under the stairs.  It was currently holding art supplies, gift wrap, and storage for that “stuff” that doesn’t really have a home.  Outfitted already with built-in shelving, it seemed like an ideal space.  Our directive was to design a tiny art studio around the shelving, while not diminishing it’s original function —  storage.  It also needed to be cute, happy, and versatile.  Most importantly, you could close the door to the works in progress instead of having to clean up.


Preexisting built-in shelving


So we called upon Dean Austin to create a serviceable drop down desk he notched out to fit around the existing shelving.  When the desk is in the upright position, mom can have access the space it provides underneath.


child art studio 3


Elizabeth Tenorio gave the walls a splash of color, a blue found in another room nearby.  Mom found a cute foldable chair in orange at Ikea.  Sherwin Williams color matched paint to the chair and we painted two large funky Hobby Lobby frames.  One we filled with a whiteboard that Dean cut to fit.  We also cut down a cork board, covered it with a fun owl print and mounted it in one of our orange frames…space for displaying art or the inspiration for another project!

Much better than the kitchen table, wouldn’t you agree?


Orange funky frames


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