For Who or Whom?

Decorating on a Shoe String is a service for people with short OR long Shoe Strings!

Most of my clients have never used a decorator or interior designer before.

Some clients have the longer-type-Shoe-String budget, but still want real value for their greater number of dollars. One client’s house had 102 windows. One had an air conditioned basketball court. I assisted with new construction selections for another home that had a sinks in twelve different rooms! You don’t have to be on assistance to call me. It won’t look cheap when we are finished.

Because of the name of this business, many clients come to me with the shorter-type-Shoe-String budget. Works for me! I won’t make fun of you! You don’t need to apologize to me about your house. You are calling me because you want things to look and work better.  Short Shoe Strings are where I come from.

I learned this trade by experience.   The first house I lived in as an adult was in a migrant worker neighborhood just around the corner from “Don’s Wet Pets”, a tropical(?) fish store.  The first home I owned was a converted three boat garage, the exterior composed of unpainted cinder blocks. The kitchen cabinets were crates we stacked along a wall…The only front entrance to our home was a door into my baby’s nursery. Awkward. At another point in time my four children were all pre-schoolers. I know messy.

If you want things to look and/or work better, if you are out of ideas, if you don’t trust your own ideas, or if you lack the time or resources to implement your own ideas, contact me. Let’s just find a place to start!

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