Not sure?

Not sure what you really want or which direction you want to go? Ginny is gifted in helping clients identify their own style preferences. She then presents clients with options within these preferences.  Most people agree that they have an easier time editing an idea than starting out with a blank sheet of paper!

Not sure where to allocate your decorating dollars? Decorating on a Shoe String can help you determine where your dollars will have the greatest impact. Most Home Owners have multiple challenges in their homes. You can spend lots of money on things that will not considerably change the look/feel or your home. That’s OK if you have lots of money and you don’t care.

Not sure where to start? As a contractor, Ginny is aware of remodel logistics. The goal is to avoid sinking money into something that will soon need to be redone. Ginny will also make you aware when other repairs or  home improvements can be cost-effectively tackled at the same time that we are addressing your current decorating “felt need.”

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