Ginny’s Style

Decorating on a Shoe String specializes in discovering your preferences and identifying a design direction that would work for you. Ginny will present you with options within these preferences.  Most clients find it’s easier to edit someone else’s ideas than to start with a blank sheet of paper.
It is more important to Ginny that your redecorated space reflect your values, preferences and personality than that it look like a model home. Unless, of course, your preference would be to live in a model home. Like the Bluths.

Ginny’s personal style is eclectic, a combination of many styles. She likes touches that are a little unpredictable. “It’s a matter of pride,” she says, “but I don’t like for people to think they have me all figured out. I adopted this M.O. for purposes of self-preservation and strategic surprise when I had four teenagers. I also like incorporating touches of whimsey. I want to keep things from getting too serious!”

Ginny concludes, “We are all good at different things. For example: I have only caught one fly ball in my whole life. I have no idea why an outfielder runs to the fence, turns around, stands in a particular place and holds his glove up in the air. Example number two: I only play the piano mechanically. I don’t even know what the words “chord progression” mean. How do people know to put their hands in certain spots and press certain keys? It’s beyond me.”

“You may have a hard time ‘visualizing’ a finished look in your home or office. You may not have a clue what it will take to get there. That’s why I am here. To help you.  You can play my outfield position –I’ll even give you my softball glove.  Maybe you can take my spot in the band. And the world will be a better place. For you. For me… ooh ah.”

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