Ginny’s Decorating Mantras

“Less is more but bigger is usually better.” Go for a few large items instead of many small objects. It’s hard to have a focal point when your eyes are being drawn A.D.D. all over the place.”

“Color. It is cheap. It has huge impact. Builder White walls suck the life out of a room. People then try to over compensate with decor in a desperate attempt to liven things up.”

“Don’t add anything unless it makes what you already have look better.  Why take the whole room down a notch?”

“Combinations are where the beauty is. Yes, you may love peanut butter. And you may like brown sugar. You probably do not care much for the taste of flour, shortening, baking powder or baking soda. But the combination of these is awesome!  Example number two: Middle C is cool enough. But it takes on something else when you add an E. Then if you add a G or a B flat – ooh ah! –It gets richer and richer!   Don’t give up too quickly. Very few ingredients, music notes or design elements can stand alone on their own merit. Give it a chance. It’s the combination of elements that gives your room life!”

On expensive rugs: “For Pete’s sake– you’re going to walk on it!”

“There is no such thing as a cheap custom window treatment.”

“It is impossible to LOVE every item in your house unless you live in a personal museum. In this case you should go with very neutral paint and flooring to show off your collection of treasures. You do not need me. Spend your money on an alarm system.”

Be open to possibilities.” I now consider lots of far-fetched options because I have been genuinely surprised SO many times by the things that ended up looking great together.

“It”s all about trade-offs. I don’t LOVE the look of air conditioner returns, but I am not willing to give up my climate control.”

“I can get anything you want, as long as you don’t mind how much you pay for it. We can have the art commissioned. I can have your fabric custom woven. If your budget is finite, you might decide to be open to what is available.”


“Retail is almost always less expensive than custom. If there is a possibility of picking an item up retail, let’s try that first!”

“Most model homes don’t have Kitchen trash cans. No one lives there.”


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