How it Works

How does it usually work?

I visit you and/or look at photos of your place. We talk. I need to hear:

  • The environmental/decorating “challenge” with which you’d like help —
  • Your likes, if you have identified such.
  • Your dislikes. Most people know these.
  • Necessary functionality:  Puppy dogs? Potbelly pigs? Health and aging issues? Entertainment style?
  • The non-negotiables.
  • Any looming deadlines.
  • Budget, if known.

We compile a list of elements which will probably be necessary  to make the  space feel finished.

I  provide you with cursory estimates for the costs of such.

We prioritize.

We determine the pace of the project after considering your budget, energy level, life skills, impending deadlines and the number of friends who owe you favors.

We determine which steps you will offload to me. (…There is some choreography here: Our goal is to get started! Progress engenders such HOPE. At the same time, if a project goes too slowly, we get really bored with each other.Trust me.)

We agree on money and payment.

…and we’re off!


Of course there are Variations on a Theme.

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