Variations on a Theme

A. When you know that you have exactly $112.50 to spend and want it to have the greatest wow(!)-factor possible.

B. When you are a bonafide do-it-yourselfer and you want ideas, warnings, instructions and resources.

C. When you want an adult arts-and-crafts project and you don’t care how long it will take to finish.

D. When the house is being put up for sale and needs to appeal to a wide market.

E. When the M.O. of your spouse is to say that you can make the all the decisions and then will veto the whole plan later.

F. When Bunko is at your house next week!

G. When your father-in-law comes for the weekend and is suddenly available to paint, hang lights and move furniture.

H. When multiple births are imminent.

I. If you change your mind frequently, and have a hard time keeping any plan in place long enough to finish it.

J. When you are pretty sure, but not certain, that you have a hard time making decisions.


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