Furniture & Accessories



Decorating on a Shoe String can help you with retail or custom furniture purchases. What  do I have room for? What arrangement would be the most functional? What would tie in best with the pieces I plan to keep? Is there something that looks similar but costs less? Where do I need to spend on quality?

Many accessories that worked before look miniature in a big new house. You will need some accessories of the right scale. Less is more, but usually bigger is better: More flair. More drama.

If you have hardwoods you will need area rugs. Often area rugs are used over carpet to define a seating group. This does not need to be a major purchase. There are beautiful rugs that are investments. Your shoe strings may be long enough to buy  very high quality rugs for some areas of your house.  But for Pete’s Sake –You’re going to walk on it! For all the other rooms there are gorgeous area rugs available at very reasonable prices. Let Decorating on a Shoe String can help you find them!

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