Moving/Relocation Triage

You’d like for your house to show to its best advantage when it goes on the market. You’d even like to add some flair. Maybe the house is even empty and looks like a mausoleum. Contact Decorating on a Shoe String for help staging your home when you put  it up for Sale.

You are excited about the nice place you are moving into.  Your stuff arrives.

Then a terrible surprise!!!! (And no one tells you this.)  IT LOOKS LIKE THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES MOVED IN! Things you loved in your last home look corney now. Accessories look like toy miniatures with your higher ceilings. Groupings don’t fit together in the same room anymore. Walls are big and blank. Floors are hard and cold.  Crap is stacked up everywhere.  And kids want to eat again — as if there is nothing more important to do! The fairy tale is becoming sci-fi. Women get very depressed.

Contact Decorating on a Shoe String to help you decide what to toss before you move, where to have the movers put furniture when it comes off the truck, how to best use what you already have and what to put on your shopping list.  We will arrange your furniture, hang your art,  lay your rugs and place  your accessories.

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