New Construction Consultation

So many decisions to make quickly! This is your chance to get a whole new look—no pressure there! Changes made after construction starts eat up your budget. Most clients find it is very helpful to have design help so that good choices are made up front.

And then there is that cascade effect: Every selection effects every other selection.  You probably need the vantage point of someone who can identify the repercussions of each element you added or deleted from your plan.

Choices arise about upgrades. Which should you spring for during construction? Can any of them be done just as easily — or at no greater expense — afterwards?
Certainly you can do it by yourself.  There is a big learning curve, however, and it is costly. Most people won’t build another home or office soon enough to reap benefits from the hard-earned lessons of this project. Call Decorating on a Shoe String. You will be much happier with your finished construction. And you’ll finish on better terms with your contractor.

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