Paint Color Selection

Paint color is the crisis that brings many clients to me for the first time. It is not you. This is not a personal failure.  The rods and cones in your eyes are not defective.




Paint almost NEVER looks the same on the wall as it did to you on the little color strip.

It is almost impossible to imagine how much more pink a pink gets after you put it on the wall, unless you have been in this sad place before.

No on ever told you that every tan has SOME undertone—reddish, or golden, or greenish, or salmon.

You were led astray. Most professional painters — who do an excellent job of getting the paint on your walls and keeping it off your floors — cannot and should not be relied upon for paint color selection. Trust me.

I can help you get a little (or a lot) more bold with you color, if you would like, and can spare you the expense of do-overs.

Contact Decorating on a Shoe String for a color consultation!

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